Deadline Calendar

W Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1   W1Tue W1Wed, Lab 1, Autobio W1Thu, Lab 2 W1Fri, Quiz 1
2 W2Mon, Weekly Reflection W2Tue, Proposal, Lab 3 W2Wed, Lab 4 W2Thu, Lab 5 W2Fri, Quiz 2
3 W3Mon, Weekly Reflection, Outline W3Tue, Lab 6 Lab 7 Exam Final Reflection, Paper, Presentation

Quizzes and the final exam are due by 1pm on the indicated day; see the syllabus for details about mechanics. Everything else is due by 8am on the indicated day. Most things are to be submitted through Gradescope.

In-Class Calendar

W Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 Intro Ethics, Data
Pjtr 1
Wksht 1
Pjtr 2
Wksht 3
Pjtr 4
Wksht 4
2 Sampling Dist
Pjtr 5
Wksht 5
Pjtr 6
Wksht 6
Catch-Up Cat & Cat+Cat Pjtr 7
Wksht 7
Wksht 8
3 Num+Cat
Wksht 9
Wksht 10
Wksht 11
(No Class) Projects

This calendar will house links to any projector problems, worksheets, etc, that we do in class. These are never collected and this section is just for reference.